Peter Mann.

Photographer, filmmaker, photo-editor. Lives and works in London.


1999 - Failed foundation course at Norwich Art School.


1999 - 2005. Worked in TV commercials, Assisting directors Ivan Zacharias and later Dominic Murphy on numerous award winning campaigns. Towards the end of this period I was directing second unit (Landrover Jackknife, VW Getaway) second unit camera operator (Orange, Vodafone, Landrover, etc) Production Designer (Diet Coke) aswell as working through the entire production, shoot and post process with the director.

2000 - Ongoing. Projects with Donovan Wylie. In 2000 I worked with Donovan Wylie on his documentary film 'Talking With Protestants'. Since then I have worked with him on films YoYo (Sound Man) Jesus Comes to London (Sound Man). Edited all of the books in the Towers series 'British Watchtowers', 'Outposts' and 'North Warning System' and also worked with him more informally on numerous projects.

2001 - Ongoing. In the early 2000's I collaborated with Fashion designers and Stylists Including Russell Sage, Peter Jensen and my sister Charlotte Mann. My photographs were published in Tank, Vogue, Self Service, Dazed and Confused among others.

2005 - Ongoing. Sargy Mann Projects. In 2005 I directed the film 'Sargy Mann', a portrait of my father. The film was shown at BritDoc, Melbourne, LIDF and selected for the Voyages contemporary documentary festival. In 2008 I collaborated with him to produce the book 'Sargy Mann: Probably the best Blind Painter in Peckham' then in 2015 I directed the short film 'More, Different, Better' about the TED talk he was invited to give and was working on in the final months of his life.

2000's - Ongoing. Other film projects. 2007, 'Peter Jensen - Christina' and 'The Palio' for Current TV. I have also been commisioned to make films for clients including Sony, Exte, Brighton Pride, Victorinox, Fashion East and others.

2009 - Ongoing. Feature film Projects. In 2009 I directed 'Dark Fibre'. A feature length experimental film shot in Bangalore, that mixed fiction and documentary with producer Jamie King. I was Director, DOP and Editor on the project. The film premiered at the AND festival in Liverpool and was later bought by the Babel Network for online distribution. 2010 I lived in Dublin for six months developing another fiction/documentary project with producer Sean T'O'Sallaigh. 2011 I started working with Dominic Murphy again on feature length projects. Initially as a script consultant on "Cassy and Jude' for production company F&ME, then we developed various projects together under the 400 Films umbrella. We also co wrote two screenplays 'Sucker Punch' for Film4 and 'Escort Boy' for Partizan Films.

2011 - Ongoing. SP Books. 2011 'Donovan Wylie One Day Taking Photographs in Belfast' a limited edition book of photographs I had taken of Donovan as we walked around North Belfast one afternoon in 2005. It was selected for the photobook exhibition at the Brighton Photo Biennial and also for the exhibition 'A Survey of Documentary Styles in Early 21st Century Photobooks' which toured the U.S. 2012 'And Pray That All Of Our Pain Be Champagne' Selected by Conor Donlon in "A selection of the most powerful published examples that use online image sourcing." Alongside books by Mishka Henner, Doug Rickard, Michael Wolf and Joachim Schmid. It was also featured in Screendump #2. Also in 2012 I was also invited to be part of the event 'Photography and the Photobook Now' at Tate Modern. 2015 'Troy' and 'Amanda Knox Innocent and Guilty'.....tbc......